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Before & After Photo Gallery

Notice that at first Permanent Makeup procedures appear darker and bolder, this is due to some redness and a little swelling after the procedure. After one week of healing time the darkness of the color and the boldness of a brow or eyeliner procedure will soften and narrow dramatically. Lip color softens after about 5 days and then the color disappears and reappears for the next 3 weeks of healing time when the color comes into full bloom.

The final result of Permanent Makeup is soft and beautiful makeup that won't disappear or smear!

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Before & After Photo Gallery / Actual Procedures Performed By Cathy

Full Face Full Face Full Face Full Face Full Face Eyebrows Eyebrows and Liner Eyebrows and Liner Eyebrows Eyebrows Eyebrows Eyebrows Eyebrows Eyebrows Eyebrows Eyeliner Eyeliner Blue Eyeliner Lip Liner Full Lips Full Lips Hairline Scar Camouflage Areola Restoration